We are required to have all parents sign in and out for pick-ups and drop offs each day. A signin kiosk is located by the door for your convenience. This gives me a written record of the child’s attendance, hours, and the person who brought/picked up the child each day.


We have a written fire evacuation plan and practice a fire drill with the children at least once each month. In addition, we incorporate fire safety curriculum into our program occasionally. Our Facility is inspected regularly for fire safety. We also keep a written tornado plan.


We follow the policies laid out by Blue Hills Church regarding child safety. This policy covers training for staff to avoid any kind of physical or emotional abuse. We are mandated reporters. This means as childcare providers we are required by law to report physical injury, sexual abuse or emotional abuse that is not accidental. Physical discipline such as spanking, applied in a reasonable manner, is NOT considered abuse. Neglect is defined as 'failure to provide necessary support, nutrition, education as required by law, or medical, surgical or other necessary care for the child's well-being. Click here for more information on mandated reporters or here for our discipline policy at Kingdom Academy. Kingdom Academy does not administer corporal punishment. However, we understand corporal punishment is one of many legitimate means of discipline for parents and guardians.