Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to use discipline to teach a child. We achieve this through love, consistency, and firmness. We stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people and respect for property. The children are explained the rules of the child care facility frequently, so they are all familiar with the guidelines.

Please keep in mind that there WILL be disagreements between children. Young children, especially, who are not adept at communication; have a hard time expressing their feelings. Sometimes they hit or throw toys, etc. Although teaching children appropriate behavior is what we will be doing, remember that this behavior is normal in most cases.

The following methods of discipline will be used:

  • Encourage children to solve problems themselves
  • Intervention and discussion
  • Re-direction to another play area
  • Loss of privileges
  • Time out

If we feel there is a chronic behavioral issue that needs attention, we will let you know so that you and the staff are handling it in the same way and your child has continuity in discipline between home and childcare. These types of behaviors might include such things as biting, use of bad words, chronic hitting, etc. Together, we will try to find a solution. You may be called to remove your child if his/her behavior prevents us from being able to properly care for the other children. If the problem continues, other arrangements for the care of the child will have to be made, for the safety and well being of all.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will there be any spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse, name-calling or isolation used. Neither food nor sleep will ever be withheld from children as a means of punishment.

As a child care provider, we have a responsibility by law to recognize and report any evidence of child abuse--physical or emotional-or neglect. This is strictly for the benefit of your child.